ALL SAFE CITY is the systemic and ultimate society disaster mitigation and resilience ecosystem

We aim to establish a new norm in terms of creating environments in which we feel safer and more secure than ever, so that we can, together, grow, evolve, and move forward with greater peace and stronger health, freeing us from many of today’s existing concerns.

Even though the technology exists to achieve this, the collective will doesn’t – yet. We aim to educate individuals, businesses and entire governments on the benefits of developing devices that create the safer environments we crave. 

We’re keen to ensure accessibility, globally, to technologies that create more than mere physical safety. Our team of entrepreneurially minded engineers is on the cutting edge not just of nanotechnology-based air filtration and purification; they also have the skills to integrate multifunctional, responsive monitoring and communication systems therein. 

By identifying, designing, and then delivering ALL SAFE CITY’s unique, integrated technological solutions that make our homes, offices, and all public enclosed spaces healthier, safer, and better connected, ultimately we can all then reconnect as a community, with security and peace of mind as standard. This should be a human right and we are dedicated to that mission.

ALL SAFE CITY is more than a brand, more than an ecosystem. ALL SAFE CITY is a global movement to be realized locally, created with an ambition to improve the lives of the people on multiple levels.

Why ALL SAFE CITY As we see that dangerous rize of air polution, instantanious exchange of viruses and bacteria from country to country with the fast changing traveling habits, wars, gun violence and climate change natural disasters. We must take an extraordinary action . Only technological advancement and its rapid integration into daily life will make possible prevention of health and possibly lives lost due to public systems imperfections. An ALL SAFE CITY concept is designed to be the ultimate solution to these issues, an ecosystem that can adapt and respond to all potential hazards, whether they be man-made or natural. It is a city that prioritizes the safety and well-being of its citizens and actively works to prevent and respond to threats.

Visionary concept

The concept of an ALL SAFE CITY is a visionary one, that prioritizes the safety and well-being of its citizens through the integration of advanced technology and community engagement. This approach can help prevent emergencies, respond to crises quickly and effectively, and create a more resilient and sustainable city that is prepared to face future challenges. 

Advanced technology

The implementation of advanced technology in an ALL SAFE CITY is key to ensuring that it remains safe and secure. This technology can include devices such as the Smart Emergency Response System, surveillance cameras, and other monitoring systems, which can detect and respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. 

The use of AI and machine learning can allow for the analysis of large amounts of data, enabling the city to respond to threats in real-time.

Community and collaboration

ALL SAFE CITY would also have a strong focus on community engagement and collaboration. By working closely with residents, businesses, and other organizations, we can ensure that its policies and programs are inclusive and responsive to the needs of its citizens. This can help to build trust and create a sense of ownership among residents, which is critical to the success of an ALL SAFE CITY.

Our mission

ALL SAFE CITY purpose, it’s reason for being is to make the safety & security of homes available to everyone.

By prioritizing safety, health, and sustainability, an ALL SAFE CITY is the ultimate ecosystem for disaster mitigation and resilience, a concept that can ensure that people are protected and secure in the face of any threat.

  • Advanced solutions for people
  • Win-win opportunities for businesses
  • New possibilities for governments
  • Global movement
  • Visionary concept
  • Existing technologies

Our values


ALL SAFE CITY embraces Safety, Security, and Connectivity as its core company values, fostering a resilient urban ecosystem where citizens can thrive, protected from threats, and enjoy seamless communication in a united community.

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Connectivity

A word from our founder

Imagine a world where people were too afraid to enter shopping malls or stores, or didn’t feel secure working in the office, or even commuting there on the train or bus, because the air inside these enclosed spaces didn’t feel ‘safe’. Imagine a world where people felt increasingly disconnected from the collective ability to create and sustain a healthier living environment.

This is the world of the very recent and now. We face a multitude of challenges when it comes to feeling safer, more secure, better connected with each other and in healthier ways. Economic, socio-political and technological factors have combined to leave us more vulnerable, in spite of the technology existing to improve our lives immeasurably.

Global society faces a wide range of threats, from the psychological impact of repeated lockdowns, to the toxicity of not just the air we breathe or water we drink, but also the content we see on social media that actually encourages anti-social behaviors – from cyber-bullying to riots to mass murder – leaving many of us feeling unsafe and insecure even in our own homes! 

Even after years of ‘action’, we’re still affected by COVID-19. How safe did you feel during the pandemic when going to the shop to buy crucial goods, or sitting on the bus or train, or even visiting your local medical health professional’s place of work. Did you hold your breath often…?

Now imagine a world where all indoor public spaces, business premises, transport systems and even our own homes are cleaner, safer, better connected, more secure, and more trustworthy than they currently are – a world that provides not post-factum panic responses, but peace of mind through integrated systems, with simplified, proactive, AI-driven devices offering real-time analysis and safeguarding enclosed spaces of all kinds in an increasingly urbanized planet.

That world is achievable: it’s not science-fiction, it’s science-fact. ’ALL SAFE CITY’ is a movement on a clear mission to close the gap between what today’s technological capabilities can offer via new, more efficient solutions and what society actually receives. I want my children to live in a safe and secure world and this is my deeper purpose, my ultimate why behind the ALL SAFE CITY Movement. 

Gennadi Batsoutenko,

Founder & Ceo of All SAFE CITY

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