ALL SAFE CITY is built on a foundation of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity. By harnessing the power of advanced technology and fostering strong community engagement, we strive to create an urban ecosystem that is adaptive, secure, and prosperous. Our vision is to transform how cities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters while promoting long-term sustainability and well-being for all.
As our valued partners, you are essential in realizing this ambitious vision. Your expertise, resources, and commitment to creating a better future will enable us to drive groundbreaking advancements in urban planning, infrastructure, technology, and community development. Together, we can shape a city that is prepared for today’s challenges and poised to thrive in the face of adversity.

In the coming months, we look forward to engaging with you in a spirit of open collaboration and shared purpose. Through joint efforts, we will identify opportunities for synergy, leverage our collective strengths, and work diligently to bring the ALL SAFE CITY vision to life.

Potential partnerships

Your partnership is instrumental in our quest to create a safer, more resilient, and sustainable world for future generations.

Partnering with leading tech firms can help integrate advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, surveillance systems, and smart emergency response systems into the city’s infrastructure and create win-win solutions for all parties involved.

Collaborating with security firms that specialize in physical and cyber security is vital for maintaining the safety of ALL SAFE CITY’s residents and infrastructure. These companies can provide expertise in the design and implementation of advanced security systems, risk assessments, and threat mitigation strategies, ensuring that the city remains secure against potential hazards, both physical and digital.

Incorporating security companies as partners in the ALL SAFE CITY project will not only enhance the safety of the city’s residents, but also contribute to the overall resilience of its infrastructure and systems. By working together with these experts, ALL SAFE CITY can develop a comprehensive security strategy, addressing the full spectrum of threats that modern cities face today.

Collaboration with government agencies responsible for public safety, infrastructure, transportation, and environmental management can ensure alignment with existing regulations and support in policy implementation.

Benefits: economical management, resource consumption management, health management, crisis management, environmental management

A resilient city prioritizes the health of its citizens. Collaborating with hospitals, clinics, and medical research institutions can help develop cutting-edge healthcare solutions, public health strategies, and emergency medical response plans.

Benefits: Health management

Infrastructure development is a key component of a resilient city. Collaborating with construction and engineering companies that specialize in disaster-resistant structures, green building technologies, and smart city solutions will ensure a strong foundation for ALL SAFE CITY.

Expertise in sustainable urban planning and design is vital for creating a city that is both resilient and environmentally friendly. Partnering with experienced firms will help develop innovative solutions tailored to the ALL SAFE CITY vision.

Establishing partnerships with utility companies that provide essential services such as electricity, water, and gas is crucial for building a resilient and sustainable ALL SAFE CITY. These companies have valuable expertise in maintaining and upgrading critical infrastructure, optimizing resource distribution, and ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of services even during emergencies or disasters.

Collaborating with utility companies can also help ALL SAFE CITY implement innovative solutions for energy conservation, water management, and waste reduction. Working together makes it possible to develop integrated systems that enhance the city’s efficiency, reduce its environmental impact, and improve its overall resilience.

Current partners


ALL SAFE CITY has selected KPMG as a strategic partner to: Structure the business; Support with the fundraising; Establish relationships with local governments; Manage international growth


The Greenful Group is a leader in the innovative recycling of textile, plastic and rubber waste into new value-added products that serve our customers and improve the environment.

Caesar Security

Leader in technical and physical security services since 1994.


MicroHomes unique concept is based on 3 advanced modules which can be combined into any size building.


Internet of Things (IoT) technology and smart solutions.

Ten Twelve

Ten Twelve is a strategic product development partner that takes technology devices from ideas and MVPs to commercialization.

Want to explore partnership opportunities?

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