The Future of Elderly Homecare

Our poll said 60% of respondents had not yet thought about how adequately elderly care homes meet residents’ needs! So let’s help them out and look at how such places can utilize modern technology and address our loved ones requirements and indeed, in later years, our own.


Increased life expectancy globally means more people are in need of care in later life. According to the WHO*, every country is experiencing growth in both size and proportion of the elderly. By 2030, ⅙ of the world will be aged 60+, equal to 1.4 billion people. By 2050, this will almost double. The number reaching 80+ is expected to triple by 2050 to over 426 million.


Yet current homecare systems lag behind in terms of embracing technology, ironically leading to a reduction in personalized care, partially due to a lack of visibility of a resident’s surroundings.


Imagine instead an environment that nurtures, assists, educates and cares for us in our twilight years, one that engenders safety, trust, and connection. It might sound like fantasy – but it’s possible!

All Safe City is developing a comprehensive, AI-driven homecare management platform, to help caregivers and family members optimize and personalize care for the elderly and disabled with our unique algorithm that adapts care plans and enables remote monitoring through IoT devices, ensuring safety and improving the quality of life;


  • Integrated homecare platform, with motion sensors & security cameras, air quality sensors, medication reminder systems, and a centralized emergency response system.
  • Digital health & well-being suites, incorporating advanced health analytics, and interactive communication tools that facilitate interaction with relatives and caregivers.
  • Adaptive AI care plans that can predict health issues, a holistic wellness system integrating physical, mental, and social wellness, and intelligent resource optimization.

Crucially, advances in technological monitoring and analysis with integrated AI now enable us to create unprecedented levels of personalized solutions – the very foundation of empathetic care.


This comprehensive approach, focused on well-being, ensures all aspects of elderly care are addressed. We are empowering the elderly through more advanced tools and resources, thus fostering independence and a more inclusive, engaging, and supportive community, leading to a higher quality of later life.


By providing an environment that continues to engage with people in smarter ways and continues to stimulate mind and body, our so-called ‘twilight years’ can be as enjoyable as any other time of life.


And our societal resilience benefits too from these safer, healthier spaces by facilitating generation-to-generation interaction, as well as creating active communities where we might instead have expected inactivity.


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