The Future of Hotels

Only 50% of our poll believe hotels offer lots of flexibility to personalize and provide safe hotel experiences. 25% feel hotels are “soulless”. This is why All Safe City is designing integrated solutions that help hotels improve considerably.

When Covid hit, the hospitality industry was left reeling, closing many hotels. Even those still in business face challenges like labor shortages and rising costs. But some responded by realizing that, after months of lockdowns and restrictions, our own expectations of a hotel stay also rose!

As hotels get smarter, they embrace innovative ways to provide a more ‘home from home’ experience, with convenience, safety and security built in. They know personalization is no longer an exclusive privilege; integrated, AI-driven systems can learn our preferences, anticipate our needs, and turn our data into deeply personalized, yet affordable stays!

Imagine if our preferences traveled with us, especially on stressful business trips. We want a fully integrated experience, simply using our mobile device for;

  • real-time bookings
  • check in/out
  • service requests
  • personalizing temperature, light, entertainment options

We are way past dialing 0 for, well, anything. When we reach our room, we want to relax, feel safe, and not worry about a thing. Our decision-making can be facilitated by data-driven, personalized offerings, utilizing learnt behaviors and preferences – a mutually beneficial deal.

And a hotel actively connected to its city’s infrastructure can provide seamless transitions from even before we arrive to when we leave – suggestions for downtime, on-demand services, voice-activated for convenience – a reliable virtual concièrge that remain as flexible as our own mood, a curated experience that taps into local services, all tailored for us!

We go beyond mere convenience and deep into security and safety, with advanced environmental controls providing ease of mind, from the moment we step into the premises. AI-/AR-integrated systems, built on secure blockchain, ensure our digital identity is protected, while providing us safer, cleaner, more comfortable surroundings.

All Safe City’s advanced air quality sensing and purification technology constantly monitors the hotel’s environment, ensuring guests’ well-being and providing instant medical consultations if needed.

We provide a better experience for hotels too, with the same integration giving unprecedented levels of proactive facilities awareness, enabling prediction of maintenance needs, ensuring things are fixed before becoming a problem, optimizing rooms and amenities use, reducing operational costs, and thus driving up ROI.

All Safe City’s aim is to, “Create a resilient society by fostering safe and healthy spaces.” This definitely includes hospitality!

If these are the kind of spaces you want to create for your guests, schedule a meeting with our team and find out how.