Welcome to 2024 – another year packed with possibility and prospects

Last year, we launched our mission to create a resilient society by fostering safe and healthy spaces via a range of highly advanced, AI-driven, interconnected, and innovative solutions for a lifestyle of security, safety, and reliability.

We are keen to ensure global accessibility to technologies that create more than mere physical safety; by identifying, designing, and delivering our unique, integrated, technological solutions that make enclosed spaces healthier, safer and better connected, ultimately we can all reconnect as a community, with security and peace of mind as standard.

We started our mission in the summer, with a rallying call to reimagine how living spaces can be brought out of science fiction and into science fact. Our approach is simple: leverage existing, proven technologies and integrate them into a unified solution to be deployed in every indoor space. We can implement these technologies via a single, powerful data-driven ecosystem.

Security and safety are hot topics worldwide, air quality and health are interconnected, yet many people are unaware of the solutions already available. In today’s digital age, connectivity has become a basic human right.

The journey to our end goal requires us to answer crucial, thought-provoking questions, e.g.

  •  How can we make existing technologies more accessible to everyone, not just the select few?
  • How can we address these concerns holistically with technological solutions?
  • Is there a way to tackle these challenges at their core rather than in portions?
  • How can we ensure everyone has access to the internet, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status?

We brought all these critical discussions to the forefront in our recent series of polls and articles, addressing crucial living concerns, inviting everyone to consider how we can, together, achieve our aim, to the benefit of all humankind.

Our attendance at the GITEX Impact event in the autumn generated discussions and partnerships that will accelerate our growth this year, especially at the forthcoming Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo in Dubai, enabling us to further spread our vision of ‘the future now!’

Looking further, we have partnered with Housing Expo 2025, to showcase our living solutions in partnership with Mait Schmidt at the EGCC, and our existing relationship with ground-breaking, innovative, construction materials company Greenful continues to develop.

It is through such effective partnerships and cooperation that change is created and we are grateful to all who have shown commitment to our mission.

Our journey then is well underway – and you are invited to join us. Do you want 2024 to be a year of breakthrough for a more resilient society that meets the challenges of the past, present, and future? Let’s make it so!